<bg_mp3 file=""/>

A .mp3 audio file to play in the background.

Unless a complete file path beginning with "http://" is specified, the file path from <media_path> in <settings> will be assumed.

Only .mp3 files are permitted.

STOP in place of a file name will stop the playback of any previously started background mp3.

By default, the audio file will not loop. The attribute loop="yes" may optionally be added to the <bg_mp3 file=""/> tag (<bg_mp3 file="my_audio.mp3" loop="yes"/>) to allow the file to loop. If the file is set to loop, it will continue to do so until it is stopped explicitly using STOP or another background mp3 is started.

Parent of: Nothing
See also: <media_path>


<bg_mp3 file="my_audio.mp3"/>

<bg_mp3 file="my_audio.mp3" loop="yes"/>

<bg_mp3 file="STOP"/>