<node name="">

A node is a step in the flow of the interactive session.

Each node must specify which node to proceed to next; this can be determined on the basis of user behavior within the node or other factors (see <next_node>, <media_end node=""/>, <media_custom_event node=""/>, <timeout seconds="" node=""/>, <skip> and <media_clicked node=""/>).

Nodes typically carry out specific interactions between the application and the user, such as playing a video or presenting buttons to click, but can also be used to perform actions that are "invisible" to the user, such as accessing a web service or evaluating a variable.

This tag is required.

Child of: <document>
Parent of: <assign name="" expr=""/>, <bg_image file=""/>, <bg_mp3 fadeout=""/>, <bg_mp3 file=""/>, <bg_mp3 toLevel="" seconds=""/>, <button_template name=""/>, <buttons>, <clipboard value=""/>, <debug>, <display_version/>, <dropdown>, <event>, <execute_node>, <full_screen>, <get>, <get_info commid="" responses="">, <graphical_buttons>, <html_cookie>, <if cond="">, <images>, <input>, <javascript> (with return value), <javascript> (without return value), <key_presses>, <log>, <long_poll connect="">, <media_clicked node="">, <media_custom_event node=""/>, <media_end node=""/>, <media_overlay>, <media_overlay_end node=""/>, <medialibrary_load name="">, <medias>, <metric>, <mute>, <next_node>, <pause>, <preload>, <set>, <skip>, <text_banners>, <timeout>, <timeout seconds="" node=""/>, <title>, <voice_rec>, <voice_rec_authprompt>, <voice_rec_start/>, <web_service>, <youtube_medias>


Working example: Search for <node name="">...</node> in the file trivia_demo.xml.