<image name="">

An image (.jpg or .png) defined within <images> in a node.

The image will display in the node in which it is called and will remain visible in subsequent nodes until it is explicitly cleared. The value in name="" is the name with which to refer to the image when it is cleared (see <images>).

If <assign name="" expr=""/> is used within <image name="">, the assign will be executed only if the user clicks the link.

Note that an image with no <x>, <y>, <height> and <width> values will not appear, but it will not cause an error.

Child of: <images>
Parent of: <file>, <file library="">, <x>, <y>, <height>, <width>, <scale_content>, <path_over>, <path_down>, <mouse_move>, <mouse_click>, <mouse_down>, <mouse_over>, <mouse_out>, <drag_info>, <drag_move>, <drag_drop>, <hand_cursor>, <fade>, <assign name="" expr=""/>


<image name="my_image">
<assign name="user_clicked_my_image" expr="'1'"/>

<image name="my_library_image">
            <file library="my_media_library">library_image_1_.png</file>

Note: See the definitions for <mouse_move>, <mouse_click>, <mouse_down>, <mouse_over> and <mouse_out> for details about what those tags may contain.

To clear images:

            <image name="image_1">
            <image name="image_2">

To clear all images at once: