A video or image to play or display.

The media will remain on the screen until it is explicitly cleared with <media>CLEAR</media> or another media file is played.

Allowed file types are .mp4, .jpg, .png or a YouTube video*.

Unless a complete file path beginning with "http://" is specified, the file path from <media_path> in <settings> will be assumed.

<x>, <y>, <height> and <width> need only be defined in order to override the settings in <video_defaults>.

* To play a YouTube video:

  • In order for YouTube videos to play properly, the <initialize> tag must be used in the previous node.
  • The URL defined within the <file> tag must be the embed URL for the video. To obtain the embed URL, click the "Embed" button below the video on the YouTube site. The embed URL is in the value attribute within the param tag.
Child of: <medias>, <youtube_medias>
Parent of: <initialize>, <file>, <custom_event>, <x>, <y>, <height>, <width>, <next_node>, <link>, <assign name="" expr=""/>


<assign name="user_clicked_my_video" expr="1"/>

To clear the media currently playing, use CLEAR as follows:


Working example: Search for <media>...</media> in the file trivia_demo.xml.