<bg_mp3 fadeout=""/>

A fadeout for a previously defined background mp3 file (see <bg_mp3 file=""/>).

The value for fadeout="" defines the length of the fadeout in seconds.

The attribute file="" may optionally be added to the <bg_mp3 fadeout=""/>
tag (<bg_mp3 fadeout="5" file="my_audio.mp3"/>) to start a new background mp3 after the fadeout has ended. If no file is defined, <bg_mp3 fadeout=""/> will simply fade out the previous mp3. (Unless a complete file path beginning with "http://" is specified, the file path from <media_path> in <settings> will be assumed.)

Child of: <click>, <drag_drop>, <drag_move>, <mouse_click>, <mouse_down>, <mouse_move>, <mouse_out>, <mouse_over>, <node name="">, <press>, <release>
Parent of: Nothing


<bg_mp3 fadeout="5"/>

<bg_mp3 fadeout="5" file="my_audio.mp3"/>