<recording_stop silence_level="" silence_count="" auto_stop="">

Executes the enclosed code when the application determines that voice input during a voice recognition session has ended.

The value specified in silence_level is the volume level threshold at which the tag will be executed. The default value is 10.

The value specified in silence_count is the number of samples in a row that must measure at or below the silence level for the tag to be executed. The default value is 10.

If auto_stop is set to YES, the voice recognition session will end upon execution of the tag. The default value is YES. auto_stop is only available if the value in the <type> tag within <voice_rec> is BATCH or CHUNKS.

Child of: <voice_rec>
Parent of: Any child of <node name="">
See also: <type>


            <recording_stop silence_level="10" silence_count="10" auto_stop="YES">