<get_info commid="" responses="">

Generates and returns application and session IDs for use in logging or polling (e.g., in a voice recognition session).

This tag can also request the value of any number of cookies using the <cookie> tag. Each requested cookie value is returned in a variable of the same name as the cookie itself.

If <next_node> is present, advances to the specified node upon completion.

If commid is set to YES, a communication ID will be generated and returned for use in a subsequent long polling session. The default value of commid is NO.

If responses is set to YES, the communication ID will send the canned messages CONNECTED and OK in an SMS or IM interaction. The default value of responses is YES.

This tag makes the following variables available for evaluation (in addition to any requested cookie values):

ID – the Interactivation ID for the application. ID is stored in the user's HTML cookies and won't change unless the user deletes the cookie.
COMMID – a communications ID for use in a subsequent long polling session. This variable is only returned if the attribute commid is set to YES.
IPADDRESS – the user's IP address.

Child of: <node name="">
Parent of: <cookie>, <next_node>, <error_node>


<get_info commid="YES" responses="NO">